Solutions – Applying knowledge for Results

Customised Solutions to Help Leaders Lead


With a clear and in-depth understanding of your organisation’s culture, plus the barriers and gaps between your current and aspirational goals, we offer a complete range of customised, self-sustaining solutions to guide employees to performance excellence by providing personalised development plans and support, including:

  • Knowledge management library – curated content to share resources and learning opportunities
  • Competency alignment – to shape, drive and maintain ongoing improvement to match organisational goals
  • Mentoring Matchmaking – match employees to mentors based on professional and personal skills and interests
  • 360° Assessments – determining strengths and areas for improvement
  • Performance Reviews – linked to assessments, training and mentoring
  • Training ROI – determine the actual return on investment (ROI) from development and training programs.

Self Solutions enables you to tailor, test and customise improvement solutions to optimise performance and improve your bottom line.

The best solutions for performance blockages are often found within your workforce, yet need to be uncovered and implemented. By creating a self-sustaining culture, we enable organisations to reduce their reliance on external consultants, coaches and trainers.

In situations where additional assistance is needed, we offer tailored services to match your vision, your strategy and your culture. These include:

  • Team Performance Training
  • Leadership Classes
  • Inclusion and Engagement Programs
  • Strategic Communications
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Middle Manage Engagement Programs.

Contact us to discuss solutions for creating a self-sustaining culture to enhance performance and boost your bottom line.