United States

Chief Executive Officer
USNA 1990


An innovator with practical sensibilities, Mr. James “Jim” Pfautz blends commercial best practices with military precision and information technology to create tools, techniques and training that help leaders lead, organizations grow and businesses profit.

As Lead Architect for the U.S. Navy Fleet Forces Command Staff Performance and Development Office, Jim created, developed and deployed competency architecture, with accompanying surveys, assessments, questionnaires, focus groups, performance metrics, mentoring program, individual development plans and milestones–all integrated for quantified support of corporate objectives.

As a Commander in the United States Navy, Jim designed, developed and implemented the Navy’s 2007 Benchmark for Excellence in predicting and quantifying adaptability and character (DOD Adaptability Symposium 2007). He also designed software systems that successfully monetized opportunities for improvement while articulating urgent organizational problem-areas.

As an entrepreneur, Jim holds several patents for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that monetize soft skills, providing leadership with quantified and prioritized gap-analysis. As a Commander in the United States Navy, he designed, developed and deployed automated leadership software called SMARTS, a system to help individuals and organizations quantify gaps, correlate finds to effects and develop longitudinally.

As an organizational consultant, Jim is a proven risk mitigator and leadership facilitator with more than 15 years improving organizational leadership and management for public, private and international corporations. He was hand-selected to help establish, promote and measure the Navy’s new Afloat Culture Workshop, an innovative consulting process that strives to prevent mishaps while improving operational excellence aboard Navy ships.

Chief Operating Officer
MBA Oregon State University 1993


Jim Hillman is ever ready to showcase his repertoire of solutions. Jim has successfully solidified the team by improving links of communication and developing a strategic agenda which has been universally recognized within corporate circles.  He is credited as being an imaginative, open-minded, and informed individual who possesses strong tactical skills and the ability to “see the whole picture”, both in scope and focus.  His successful track record and professional stamina has secured his position as the “go to person” who leads an organization that requires expansion, coordination, and leadership development. He is a proven leader in the realm of Lean Systems as well as customer service.  Jim is a decorated 28 year U.S. Navy Captain (Active Reserves).

COO - Self Solutions


Development and International Sales

Melbourne, Australia
Chief, SE Asian Operations
MA University of Guelph


Tom Burns has over of 25 years of safety experience within both the public and private sectors. He has for the past 10 years worked at designing and implementing safety programs within major corporations utilizing social psychological and business improvement and cultural programs aimed at improving safety and service delivery. Tom has led cultural change programs in a wide range of operational and office environments, including mining, rail transportation, heavy engineering, manufacturing, Olympic Sport and law enforcement.

Sydney Australia

Advisory and Consulting

Research Methods

Leadership and Research Methods


IT Operations

Daniel started GD&P Business Solutions in 2000 and has been designing websites for business’ ever since.