Mergers & Acquisitions

For companies nearing the end of the business life cycle SAIL™ helps navigate around those known M&A problem areas, SAIL™ safeguards stakeholder investment, protects private equity concerns, and helps corporate executives sail to their destination with measured precision and control! In summary, it helps manage your entire pipeline, due diligence, pre-close planning, and integration.

PRE-MERGER BENEFITS: Select the right company with the right cultural ‘fit’ at the right time…for the right dollar figure. 24/7, real-time, cloud-based, mobile alerts to key stakeholders. Protects your investment risk by diagnosing and monetizing cultural gaps…before the decision to merge has been executed.
MERGER BENEFITS: Helps get key leaders on board…fast! Forges cross-company relationships with counterparts to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing. Alerts leaders to future challenges.
POST-MERGER BENEFITS: Building proven drivers of post-merger success. Retention of human and intellectual capital. Tools for continuous talent development.