All Self Solutions’ Projects Adhere to our Proprietary LEAD Methodology: Lead, Estimate, Action Plan, Drive.

CULTURE is that Traffic Cop directing behaviors within your workforce. You may never have seen him, but rest assured he’s there. In fact, you’ve undoubtedly heard him. Whenever you hear “That’s not the way we do things around here” or “Stop rocking the boat” or “Stay in your pay grade” …sure enough, that’s him!That Traffic Cop might work FOR you or AGAINST you. A proper Traffic Cop requires disciplined measured oversight and that is exactly what LEAD gives you.LEAD is based upon proven SEAL Training tactics and is intended to quickly understand why a team is behaving in a certain why, why they are valuing certain things. Then, LEAD becomes a new traffic that senior leadership can measure, monitor and customize to fit their strategic objectives.LEAD is a proven disciplined process intended to create enlightened cultures where your workforce automatically self-corrects and self-aligns ensuring everyone is treated with respect, fairness and everyone is on the same sheet of music.

Created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs, Co-Pilot is automated Human Resource Management and Workforce Development software.​

SELF-ASSESS: Co-Pilot™ Workforce Analytics Engine, GENESIS™ helps Small Business Owners save time and money on external consultants by giving them pre-set, ready to diagnostics, displays all designed specifically for the small business owner. By giving business leaders tools to easily diagnose, quantify and monetizing their human capital portfolio, Co-Pilot helps business owners mitigate risk by alerting them to gaps between their people and their profitability.
DRIVE SOLUTIONS: Co-Pilot frees up precious time by helping organize and analyze your entire human capital portfolio. Co-Pilot’s suite of web-based leadership and management development applications saves training time and monies by giving small businesses the ability to Self-develop.
DISPLAY RESULTS: Your own personalized Organizational GPS, Self Solutions, provides leadership with real-time, 24/7, cloud-based executives updates ensuring the right person has the right information at the right time. The integrated solutions software suite includes, but is not limited to, Individual and Team Assessments, Human Resource Information Systems, Mentor-Matching, Knowledge Management Database, Individual Development Plans, Collaborative online workspace and more.