Analytics — Listen and Learn

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Peter Drucker


Getting a clear and accurate picture of your organisation’s culture is the first step to making the modifications needed to create sustainable change.

We have spent more than 10 years creating software solutions that are customisable for every organisation to quantify culture, leadership and management.

Self Solutions transforms soft assets — such as workforce behaviours, values and attitudes — into hard bottom-line numbers. Leaders and managers gain insight into what is going on within the workforce, showing the connection between people and results.

We begin by meeting face-to-face with all levels of the organisation to listen and understand your current situation, your challenges and your goals. From here our team of leadership, behavioural science and data experts uncover the root causes within the business that determine what is or is not influencing the desired culture and why this is happening.

With an understanding of the factors driving behaviours, we create algorithms unique to your organisation, enabling you and your team to measure, monitor and solve the challenges inhibiting performance and bottom-line results across the entire organisation. We measure the quantitative and qualitative patterns exhibited by people in your business and provide you with unfiltered knowledge of what is going on and why.

The Self Solutions analytical algorithms can predict behaviour and help organisations take action to avoid the negative consequences of toxic behaviours such as workplace injuries, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.

After determining the performance gaps and roadblocks to your organisation and its goals, we help you develop self-sustaining solutions to optimise team performance and results.