Our mission is simple:

To enable leaders to see and solve problems that are hindering performance and results.


We began developing our assessment solutions in 2003, starting with leadership assessments for the United States Navy. Our paramount task was to assess and reduce incidents occurring on the 253 ships of the United States Navy Atlantic Fleet. We predicted the USS George Washington was the most likely ship to have a mishap due to not following procedures. Before our predictive analytics were acted upon, the ship suffered half a billion dollars in damages resulting from a fire caused by dangerous crew behaviour. This example demonstrated the need for a sense of urgency in response with predictive analytics for risk mitigation.


After a decade of concept validation throughout the US Department of Defence and US Federal Government, Self Solutions offers the blending of leading-edge software and global services to help leaders listen, learn and lead across industries.

In 2013, Self Solutions entered the Australian market led by Tom Burns, Head of Operations, Asia Pacific. Tom’s career spans a diverse range of organisations, from law enforcement and defence, to logistics and mining. A major focus of his coaching and consultancy has been optimising organisational performance through developing and implementing practical systems and processes, training, and management and leadership development. Tom applies his persuasion and influencing skills across all levels of organisations to produce sustainable improvement to both performance and results.



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